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Excellent quality is very important to us. Together with the Greening Building Association we certify new and existing products and systems following the standard ÖNORM L1131, using the green roof quality mark standard of the association. We use assessments and technical sign-ff as our tools to ensure the highest quality for you. Using our product database, you can make your quality assured systems and delivery projects visible to all.

The Greening Buildings Association (VfB) quality mark, compliant with the green roof norm ÖNORM L1131, demonstrates the highest quality of Austrian producers. It will shortly be extended to include green and living walls.
Standardisation, assessments and technical sign-off are tools we use to ensure the quality of your greening project. You can use our product database to find information on all components and quality assured solutions. Benefit from our know-how and our active engagement in the development of standards, guidelines as well as strategic technical concepts and reports on greening buildings.

“My solutions have been certified by the Greening Building Association and thereby offer confidence and security for all those applying them. GRÜNSTATTGRAU makes my quality assured products significantly more visible.“

Martin Haas

Chief Executive, Haas Garten-, Dach- und Landschaftsbau GmbH


Quality Assurance for producers

As a producer of green roof systems and a member of the Greening Building Association you can get components or a whole system certified under standard ÖNORM L1131. To achieve certification, please submit your material for assessment according to our requirements. The certification panel will award you your quality mark in the category A, B or C.

Request your certification application material now.


Quality assured greening solutions for users.

GRÜNSTATTGRAU recently published its first product database for greening buildings. You can easily call up quality assured solutions for green roofs, green and living walls and interior greening, including performance data. PREMIUM partners can add their products to the database. BASIC partners can have access to the database.


We are happy to support your assessment or technical sign-off.

We offer you our expert team to support you as part of quality assurance activities. An assessment can establish, if your building is technically suitable for greening or which activities you should carry out to maintain your existing greening. We also sign-off the quality of your product as part of the overall technical sign-off, so that you can have confidence and security.

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