We will make it GREEN instead of GREY!

About us

As a holistic competence centre for greening buildings we promote innovations for the green and smart city of the future and facilitate their implementation.

We are the interface between our network partners from the public sector and research and  share best practice. We thereby give impulses for the deployment of existing and new technologies, competences and services. A sustainable development of the market is as important to us as the affordability of technology and its broad application. In the long-term, we promote quality assurance and create a new awareness for the range of benefits of greened buildings in the context of climate change and energy.

“By providing a range of benefits from greening buildings we are able to co-create liveable and climate resilient cities for the future.”

Vera Enzi


“By providing innovation and sharing best practice and a new service offer we support and develop the sector“

Susanne Formanek


“Thanks to support from central government and the public sector we can move greening of buildings from an early trend to the mainstream.“

Gerold Steinbauer

First Chairman of the Greening Buildings Association

“Greening buildings generates local value, creates jobs and grows the market for all of our benefit.”

Christian Oberbichler

Second Chairman of the Association for Greening Buildings

Our network and how we work

GRÜNSTATTGRAU is supported by three expert boards. Their members are recruited from the 300-strong innovation lab network. Members from Industry, research and strategy guide the board. This is to ensure we can identify scientific and economic innovation potential and secure the quality assurance and strategic development of the sector.

Business Board

Representatives from industry engage around the topics of finances, market development, business models and technology for greening buildings.

Lead: Gerold Steinbauer and Christian Oberbichler, Association for Greening Buildings

Scientific Board

Competent partners from research dealing with the needs for research and development as well as future topics for the green city.

Lead: Rosemarie Stangl, Institute of Soil Bioengineering and Landscape Construction, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Advisory Board

Selected partners work on strategic focus questions on topics such as innovation, law and upscaling.

Lead: Manfred Peritsch, Innovation Management Group

GrünstattGrau is supported by

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and is

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City of Tomorrow (Stadt der Zukunft) is a research and technology programme of the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Republic of Austria (BMVIT). It has commissioned the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) together with Austria Wirtschaftsservice and the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT) to deliver this programme.

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