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Cooperation accelerates innovation and development processes, also between partners from different sectors. They are a significant market advantage. We identify tailored and strategic solutions for your development. Our infrastructure is available for you to achieve this.

We work with you and explore with you in exclusive strategy conversations how we can further develop your home and international potential for your economic expansion on the ‘green cities for the future’ agenda. We are building a new cross-sectoral und future-orientated network for technology transfer cooperation between the partners. Because we know that knowledge exchange and cooperation between partners, including planners, landscape architects, the building sector, researcher and the public sector, build the foundation for a targeted and fast advancement of our shared agenda.

We use our infrastructure to connect users from science, business and the public sector and administration. One of our infrastructures is MUGLI: our mobile exhibition space, which tours Austria and the whole world. It allows a vivid first-hand experience of greening buildings and provides information and knowledge to a broad range of people. It is also a modular experimental space for existing and new technologies of our network partners. It generates live local climate sampling data as well as data on water and energy consumption. MUGLI is our contribution to give new momentum for more green in densely built-up cities. We want to do this together with our partners, hence our use of MUGLI as an event location for targeted stakeholder engagement and user feedback. MUGLI is available for use by network partners.

With the great network of GRÜNSTATTGRAU we are able to transport successfully our services and gain new partner and customers for our products – to make smart livable cities!”

Florian Kraus

Chief Executive Officer GREENPASS GmbH


Request a strategy conversation or detailed information for assessing development potential.

You want to better understand the market, your potential, network partners or suitable grants and funding opportunities? By having a strategy conversation with us, you will get tailor-made strategic solutions for your project and property or your future development potential respectively.


Become part of the GRÜNSTATTGRAU network

Once you are a network partner you are visible on our online platform. You can network, record and publish your (building) project, have a strategy conversation and have access to promoted services.


Get to know MUGLI and book it for your activities

MUGLI shows different systems for the greening of roofs and both external and internal walls. It can also be used for test and monitoring purposes. This is how you can generate feedback for your innovation from your users.

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