AIVEP – Associazione Italiana Verde Pensile

The AIVEP (Italian Green Roof Association) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that promotes all national activities of green roofs (extensive and intensive), green facades and other technology with greenery-related functions in architecture.

AIVEP – Italian Green Roof Association – was founded in 1997 to:
– Aggregate all those who work professionally and scientifically in the field of green roofs or are interested in the topic of green roofs to combine resources and energies.
– Create synergies in research and dissemination of technical design, implementation and maintenance of green roofs. AIVEP is a member of the EFB European Federation of National Associations
The Association has the following objectives

– disclosure of the technical realizations of green roof professionals. These techniques constitute the modern discipline that applies, in a scientifically-sound manner, the most innovative methodologies to achieve and maintain a stable green roof on different types of roofing, consistently with the standard UNI 11235: “guidelines for the design, execution, inspection and maintenance of green roofs”;
– qualification of green roofs;
– awareness of the central and local institutions; adoption of new resolutions and directives that encourage the development of green roofs; application of the existing rules;
– creating links with other associations that work to protect the environment and the development of green infrastructure.

Since this is a cross-discipline that uses data and knowledge from various scientific and professional members, AIVEP belong to different professions and sectors:
Agronomists, architects, forestry industry, engineers, landscape architects, technicians, systems manufacturing companies, companies producing components running specialists, nurserymen, gardeners teachers, public and private institutions, environmentalists and nature lovers.


Associazione Italiana Verde Pensile (AIVEP)

Lungotevere degli Altoviti 4
00186 Roma

Tel: +39 335 383561


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