GRA – National Green Roof Association Serbia

The National Association of Green Roofs and Terraces was established in Novi Sad in May 2018 by Erker Engineering, with the aim of gathering the professional and public expertise and to proactively influence the awareness and the need for green construction in every segment of the construction industry.

Construction, especially residential space, means responsibility. During the period of the life of the building, not only will its residents be exposed to its influences, but also the city will pulsate with its tone. Green Living Concept therefore is at the center of our attention. Our mission is to bring innovations day by day. The world is full of new solutions and ideas on how to bring nature back to people. We want to open our door to new ideas, to inspire to action and to be a backbone in realization.

The main issue that we want to tackle is the extremely low percentage of green areas in our city, it is below 5% at the moment!

Together with professor from Faculty of Technical sciences we are currently working on draft document Green Factor for Novi Sad.
Some specific related hot topics

The Western Balkans Regional Energy Efficiency Programme (REEP), established in strategic partnership with the European Union and with support from bilateral donors, is implemented in close collaboration with the Energy Community Secretariat. REEP combines EBRD financing (EUR 302 million across all products) with grant elements as well as advice for beneficiaries and policy-makers. The EU has supported REEP with funding of EUR 34 million for grant incentives and additional EUR 9.3 million for advisory services. Donors provided EUR 19 million in grant financing as well. We work with local financial institutions to on-lend to SMEs for smaller-scale projects, as well as to households and housing associations that wish to implement energy efficiency home improvements. REEP also includes direct lending facilities for both private sector sustainable energy projects and for cities or municipal companies to improve energy efficiency.

Our Green Cities programme is designed to support cities in addressing systematically urban environmental problems (air quality, energy efficiency, municipal waste, water treatment, etc.). We have already signed EUR 78 million of financing for the first five projects in the Western Balkans: Sarajevo Water, Belgrade Green Boulevards, Banja Luka District Heating, Tirana Water Company and Energy Efficient Refurbishment of Zenica Hospital. Going forward, our indicative investment pipeline includes Banja Luka Water Project, Belgrade Green Fleet, Skopje Bus, Skopje Wastewaterand Podgorica Public Buildings Energy Efficiency. A key component of this facility is the Green City Action Plan (GCAP) that articulates a city’s vision of sustainable development as well as priorities for environmental investments. The first GCAP in the region was adopted by Tirana municipal council. The EBRD is currently supporting the development of GCAPs in Sarajevo, Zenica, Banja Luka and Belgrade. Other cities in the region, such as Skopje, are also planning to become Green Cities.


National Green Roof Association Serbia (GRA)

Bulevar oslobodenja 66b
21000 Novi Sad

Tel: +381 635 21818


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