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Green roofs and facades conference

The conference in Prague focuses on trends and synergies.

The aim of the conference is to present contemporary foreign experience in green roof uptake and engaging the expert public in the Czech Republic. It is inspiring to follow trends in countries where green roofs have been built for decades. At the same time, new challenges are emerging – green roofs as a way to increase biodiversity, green roofs as extended living space, green roofs as sports grounds, etc. It is also beneficial to focus on the combination of green roofs and photovoltaic panels. The circular economy and the materials used also play an important role.

Representatives of countries associated in the international organization EFB (European Federation of Green Roofs and Walls) will be present at the conference as a foreign speakers among others.

Irene Zluwa: Vertical Green in Vienna.

The lecture will give a brief overview about the genesis of façade greenery in Vienna in politics, legislation and standards. For diving in the subject, examples of olderand newer implementations of vertical green, will be shown, spiked with technical details and lessons learned. As an outlook for further topics, current research projects will close the talk.

Isabel Mühlbauer: Biodiversity on green roofs

The lecture will depict the importance of biodiversity and how we can enhance it with green roof designs. It will focus on different elements that can be integrated to create habitats and how Austrian guidelines already target these aspects. Practice examples will be shown as well.

8. September 2022 um 9:00 – 17:30
Kamýcká 129
165 00 Praha-Suchdol
91-109€ (EFB-membership discount), 120-141€ (regular)
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