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Current status, problems and possibilities of implementation Green Infrastructure in modern cities with particular emphasis on green roof and living walls will be presented and discussed at this conference.


The Polish Green Roof Association (PSDZ) invites you to their conference in september in Wroclaw.


Current status, problems and possibilities of implementation Green Infrastructure in modern cities with particular emphasis on green roof and living walls will be presented and discussed at this conference.


On 19-21 September 2019 the International Conference on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Polish Association of Green Roofs will take place. This is the first event of this kind in Poland and one of the few in Central and Eastern Europe. It is entirely devoted to green infrastructure with particular emphasis on issues related to green roofs and walls. The conference will take place at the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, in the place where the idea of the Polish Green Roof Association was born.

The event brings together experts and scientists from various parts of the world. They will share their vast knowledge and experience in the field of sustainable practices in adaptation of cities to climate change, biodiversity, interior greenery, rainwater management, existing and proposed legal regulations, design and implementation process, best projects and implementation.

More than 50 speakers will feature on the program agenda. Delegates will get the opportunity to interact and share ideas with some the leaders of modern green architecture, including the highest level of the government responsible for urban planning and development.

Some of the prominent speakers are:

Manfred Köhler | Germany – President of World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN)

Dusty Gedge | UK – President of European Federation of Green Roof and Wall Associations (EFB)

Dhiru Thadani | USA – Architect and urbanist, Washington D.C

Irena Niedzwiecka-Filipiak | Poland – President of Polish Landscape Architects Association

Laura Gatti | Italy – Vertical Forest Landscape Designer, Studio Laura Gatti

Stephan Brenneisen | Switzerland – Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Julian Briz | Spain – Emeritus Professor – President of Pronatur

Maria Boey | Singapore – President of Institute of Parks and Recreation in Singapore

Maurizio Crassco | Italy – Harpo S.p.A. Green Roof

Isabel De Felipe | Spain – Professor, Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM)

Peter Dezsenyi | Hungary – Deep Forest company

Pavel Dostal | Czechia – Managing Partner at GreenVille

Mert Eksi | Turkey – Istanbul University-Cerrahapasa

Ulrike Grau | Mexico – Chapingo University

Bartosz Jawecki | Poland – Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Aslan Jonoubi | Iran – President of Iranian Green Infrastructure Network (IGIN)

Petro Lakyda | Ukraine – Kiev University of Life and Environmental Sciences

Jan Łukaszkiewicz | Poland – Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Janusz Mazurek | Poland – Clinic for Plants company

Paulo Palha | Portugal – President of Portuguese Green Roof Association ANCV

Heiko Schmidt | Germany – Project Manager at German Green Roof Assocation (BuGG)

Zhaolong Wang | China – Shanghai Jiaotong University

The aim of the conference is to enable participants to gain knowledge of the latest technologies supporting urban development and being a reliable solution for important environmental issues.
This event will enable dialogue between architects, town planners, landscape architects, engineers, developers, corporations, ecology, institutions and decision makers in local government units.


To know more visit the website http://konferencja.psdz.pl/en/conference/
19. September 2019 – 21. September 2019 ganztägig
Polish Green Roof Association
plac Grunwaldzki 24A
50-363 Wrocław
Polish Green Roof Association
+48 71 320 1888

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