International WEBINAR

NBS Innovations and Business Modells presented by METABUILDING

In this webinar you will get to know the newest innovation s in the field of NBS and construction and the platform METABUILDING, find partners and get an overview of networks like Innovation Labs.


This event will highlight the new innovations in the field of Nature Based Solutions and construction from the METABUILDING project:

  • BioAirPurifier: A modular indoor Bio-air-purifier as an energy efficient solution to reduce CO2 uptake (Italy, Croatia)
  • BioGreenRoof: A modular and scalable Green Roof Design with an Integrated Fertigation System (Italy, Croatia)
  • DIGITALISED SMARTWATER IN BUILDINGS has let the involved companies generate and validate a new water-saving technology for the building sector (SPAIN, PORTUGAL)
  • FARM.NOW: Project Title: Farming-as-a-Service/BIM Integration for Energy/Water autonomous Shared Vertical Impact Farming (Austria, Finland)
  • GREEN SOLAR ENERGY: Greening and OSC Combination (Austria, France)
  • Green & Grey Wall: Green Wall for Greywater Treatment (France, Belgium)
  • SFT – circular 3D-printed bioproduct/system, combining nature-based solutions (microalgae) and closed-loop solutions (mussel waste) to improve indoor air quality, benefiting people and the planet’s health and wellbeing. (SPAIN, Portugal)
  • Vertical Ecosystem: Demonstration of Prototype Vertical Hydroponic Garden with Greywater Recycling Station (SPAIN, SWEDEN)

Additional:  the new innovation platform METABUILDING is presented

The Metabuilding Platform addresses stakeholders of the extended construction sector and supports in finding available funding for SME innovations, innovative technologies and presents products/services of SMEs virtually, brings together partners for collaborative projects and offers to reach new markets.

What makes the platform special: the linkage of innovator:s in construction and the 4 emerging industry sectors:

  • Recycling and circular economy,
  • additive manufacturing and 3D printing,
  • nature-based solutions
  • and digital Industry.

At the webinar you learn to know the newest innovations in the field of NBS+CONSTRUCTION and about new opportunities for their future developments, innovation possibilities, finding partners and get to know funding opportunities and networks like Innovation Labs and Austrian Cluster or associations.

International guests will be able to participate online. Participation in this workshop is free of charge.

The event is organized in the course of the METABUILDING project,.

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The construction sector needs to challenge its usual practices and innovate faster than ever before. To this end, METABUILDING, an EU-funded H2020 project, has developed an innovation ecosystem that brings together players from the construction sector and four emerging industry sectors: recycling and circular economy, additive manufacturing, nature-based solutions and digital industry.

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25. Mai 2023 um 16:00 – 17:30
Susanne Formanek

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