Nature4Cities Virtual Forum mit Nature Based Solution Experten

Am 19. und 20.05. findet das virtuelle Forum zum Thema Nature Based Solutions statt.

Virtuelles Forum Nature Based Solutions

Nature4Cities virtual forum will help you discover useful insights and tools to foster your NBS projects. This interactive event will allow you to share your questions and get answers from our NBS experts.

Regardless of how advanced your project is, there is a session for you!

the program

May 19th 2020 

9:00 – 10:00 – Session 1 – Nature4Cites – tools, methods and guides to renature cities

A – Answering current Challenges in re-naturing cities: Nature4Cities recipe

Presented by: Stéphanie Decker, is Project Manager in sustainable buiding at NOBATEK/INEF4. She does the daily coordination of Nature4Cities.

What are the common Challenges in re-naturing cities and how to overcome them? How to create a NBS project, how to assess it in early design stage and how to initiate the implementation to meet the urban challenges of a city?

Nature4Cities aims at raising awareness about NBS and foster new collaborative models for NBS uptake by developing a knowledge and decision support platform. Based on examples from the N4C pilot cities the Nature4Cities Platform & Tools project process will be presented in detail. The Programme prospects will be introduced.

B – Nature4Cities knowledge and assessment platform

Presented by: Susana Martin

10:30 – 11:30 Session 2 – Create your NBS project 

A – How to choose the NBS fitting your needs?

Presented by: Marjorie Musy is researcher at CEREMA and joint manager of IRSTV « Institut de Recherche des Sciences et Techniques de la Ville ». She is the Scientific director of the N4C project.

There are many ways to arrive to NBSs and there are many NBSs answering differently to urban challenges. We will show how to explore the NBSs world and find the NBSs that fit your project, from the NBSs catalogue or from existing projects.

B – How to collect data to support your NBS choice?

Presented by:

  • Cinzia Davoli  works in the Department of Environment and land protection of the Metropolitan City of Milan. She is an expert in the analysis and production of spatial data and spatial information systems.
  • Eva Raggi, short description of expertise

Short description (levers and barriers to data collection, type of data collected) – Features highlighted : choice of NBS and importance of the local context

May 20th 2020

9:00 – 11:00 – Session 3 – Assess your NBS project 

A – How to measure the environmental impact of your NBS? Nature4Cities Environmental assessment tools

Presented by: Özge Yilmaz

B – How to foresee the best place for your project? Nature4Cities Urban Assessment tools

Presented by:

  • Florian Kraus
  • Nicola Pisani
  • Barnabás Körmöndi 

C – How to guarantee a project with positive financial and human impact? Nature4Cities Socio-economic assessment tools

Presented by: Benedetto Rugani

11:30 – 12:30 – Session 4 – Implement your NBS project 

A – How to involve citizens into the planning process? A Nature4Cities guide for new governance models

Presented by:

  • Yvette Jeuken, political scientist/ researcher at DuneWorks  
  • Marco Tiemann, short description of expertise   

Participatory governance is presented as an important condition for successful implementation of NBS. And while participation generally has a positive effect on inclusive policies, there is always the risk of unintended consequences that reinforce existing injustices. Recognizing diversity and context specific needs should be at the core of socially inclusive measures. In this brief presentation we present our model for reflexive governance of NBS, a process support tool for a tailored governance approach, and CitizenSay, a digital tool that…

B – How to build a green Business Model ? Nature4Cities tool to innovate in your market

Presented by:

  • Aitziber Egusquiza Ortega
  • Maider Arana


19. Mai 2020 um 9:00 – 20. Mai 2020 um 12:30
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