Climate Walk

Climate Change through the Lens of an Inter- and Transdisciplinary Project: Climate Walk

Climate Change Communication & Socio-Ecological Transformation (“We Conn_Act”)

The purpose of this lecture series is twofold. First, the aim of the series is to show the diversity of perspectives on Climate Change and how in particular Climate Change research can be opened up to the general public and thus can contribute to a transdisciplinary research agenda. Second, the lecture series will account for the usefulness and conceptual foundations of an interdisciplinary participatory approach to studying climate change at the example of the “Climate Walk” project.

Andreas Scherlofsky (University of Vienna)
Gabriel Baunach (Climaware)
Panel Discussion:
Daniela Becker (Journalist),
Ulrich Brand (University of Vienna),
Manuel Grebenjak (Stay Grounded)
Camila Moreno (HU Berlin)

For accomplishing these two goals, representatives from civil society are brought together with academic experts from different disciplines.
Both groups speak of current trends within Climate Change research and Climate activism and refer to the Climate Walk’s project design as one possible reference frame for future climate change research.

Sessions can be accessed through:

For the list of speakers and the structure of the series, please consult the attached lecture series poster! The list of speakers could be subject to minor changes. Besides the sessions being open to everyone interested, students of the University of Vienna or students able to attend University of Vienna courses (through “Mitbelegung”) may want to officially register for the course. For successfully completing the course and getting the 3 ECTS, students have to submit a written seven-page paper after the end of the course.


Information on student registration and lecture content. Please find more information regarding registration and assessment on:


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